Details for TULARE-KINGS RIGHT TO LIFE - Ad from 2019-01-18

Tulare-KingsRight to Lifewould like to thankthe followingsponsors of this ad:Bethel Assembly of GodTULARECatholic Daughters ofAmerica Court #1652St. Francis of AssisiHANFORDChristian Faith FellowshipVISALIACovenant of PeaceInternational West CoastVISALIADawningsPregnancy CenterDINUBADinuba ChristianMinisterial AssociationDINUBADinubaPresbyterian ChurchDINUBAExeter MinisterialAssociationEXETERFirst Assembly of GodTULAREFirst Baptist ChuchDINUBAPro-WomanPro-BabyPro-LifeWhat does it mean to be pro-life? Over the past few decades, since abortion waslegalized, the media and abortion supporters have misrepresented the term. They claimthat we only care about babies in the womb and that we don’t care about women’srights. Yet, it is the pro-life community which provides the most help to women in crisispregnancies. The love and support do not end when the child is born. To be pro-life isso much more than to oppose abortion. To be pro-life is to also be pro-woman.It is a movement based in science and propelled by love that shows compassion forboth mothers and babies. Through ultrasound technology, now more than ever, we aregiven a window into the womb that confirms what has always been very clear that lifebegins at conception. We know that the heart begins beating in the first three weeks.We can see babies reacting to stimuli, wiggling their fingers, and moving joyfully. Wecan see a unique human life developing.First Baptist ChurchHANFORDGood ShepherdCatholic ParishVISALIAHillsideCommunity ChurchPORTERVILLENew BeginningsChristian CenterDINUBANew Life Community(Dinuba MennoniteBrethren Church)DINUBAParkside ChapelVISALIAPraise Center ChurchVISALIAPro-Life Ministryof the Good ShepherdCatholic ParishVISALIASacred HeartCatholic ChurchEXETER“I was able to heal from my lost and brokenness. And now I know I canmove forward. Thank you for all that you have done in my life. I.R.M.A youhave touched and healed my life.”Anonymous Participant,Surrendering the Secret, post-abortion healing ministry“I can be the better woman, person, and mother to my children and be allI can be for other women out there who are lost and broken just the way Iused to be.”Anonymous Participant,Surrendering the Secret, post-abortion healing ministry“I’m glad that I’m able to have someone like you that’s here to helpme through this because of similar situations I really appreciate it.”Teen from Madera“I am so blessed and touched by you. I thank God for strong andloving people like you who make a difference in people’s lives.”Blanca from SangerSierra Baptist ChurchVISALIASt. AloysiusCatholic Church“Thank you so much Mari, we appreciate all that you’re doing to help us.”Couple who are trying to adoptTULARESt. Anne’s Catholic ChurchPORTERVILLESt. Brigid Catholic ChurchHANFORDSt. Joseph &St. Cecilia ChurchAVENAL“Thank you so much for everything. I am truly blessed to have you as afriend. I was in tears while reading the letters and the beautiful wishesfrom people who don’t even know me.”Woman from Tularegoing through an unplanned pregnancySt. Peter’s Catholic ChurchLEMOORETULARE-KINGS RIGHT TO LIFEThe FountainVISALIAPRESENTSa FREE screening ofTrinity United ReformedChurchUNPLANNEDVISALIATulare Community ChurchTULAREThursdayJanuary 23Visalia ChristianReform ChurchVISALIAatGrace Community ChurchVISALIATHE FOUNTAIN CHURCHKoinonia Church1023 N Chinowth, VisaliaHANFORDFortress of TruthPentecostal ChurchVISALIAKinder-Startin PreschoolVISALIAThis ad placed by:Tulare-Kings Right to LifePO Box 3531Visalia, CA 93278www.tkrl.org6:30pmA day to pray for an endto legalizedabortion-on-demand.319 N Harris, HanfordJanuary 19, 2020What she sawchanged everything!andST. BRIGID’SYOUTH CENTER7:00pm

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