乐动体育Can Government, 3000 miles distant, understand California's needs, populations and economic drivers? Federal-vs. State Rights is the epicenter of endless legal, expensive guerrilla warfare actions forced on Sacramento’s Attorney General. Founder George Mason observed "no amendments of the proper kind would ever be obtained by the people, if the Government should become oppressive".

乐动体育Is D.C. willing to fix itself? NO! The solution: An Article V Convention of States. Join the 29 January Sacramento State House gathering.

California industries, services and medical sectors to agriculture, are poised to surge. Yet California's progress is shackled by D.C.'s bureaucratic micromanagement, fiscal manipulation, tax squandering, federal land mismanagement, and imperiling single-purpose federal programs. D.C. ignores California Assembly Bill 103, 450, Senate Bill 54 and funding implications Federal requirements impose. Citizens and elected suffer under:

乐动体育• Federal "Clean Air Act" regulations artificially imposed over sustainable State appropriate improvements;

乐动体育• Federal "McCain-Feingold Act" campaign regulation produces constant litigation on funding boundaries, candidate and elected behaviors;

• Federal oversight on ditches and canals as "waters of the U.S.";

• "Federal Sentencing Guideline" implementation over State devised judicial processes and management;

• Federal school mandates and land domination, denying States use, limiting citizen access; and

乐动体育• Federal tariffs that severely injure State agricultural and business processes.

California is entitled to the Constitution's established system of "dual sovereignty". In spite of Supreme Court rulings in “New York v. United States” (1992) or Printz v. U.S. (1997), D.C. ruthlessly demands legislative and regulatory program obedience.

The cure: An Article V Convention of States. Article V has awakened distant and unconcerned Government before. Relevant issues were managed by nearly 40 conventions, Hartford Convention of 1814 to the Colorado River Compact of 1922. Californians need not fear the unfamiliar. Though Article V, Federal functions are redirected to their proper Constitutional boundaries.

乐动体育Hope isn’t a strategy. Fear isn’t a process. Article V is direct and productive action to level the playing field Constitutionally intended. An Article V Convention of States can address and will restore California’s States Rights. Sign the petition now at

Gary Smith


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