乐动体育Governor Newsom signed 1,100 new laws. What kind of dictatorship are we living under?

Law enforcement hands are tied. Where a good criminal is a dead criminal.

乐动体育The cost of living is so high in California, when will taxpayers get a break? The illegals get a break on health, that the taxpayers pay for. Kids that have never been taught how to behave or how to be courteous to one another, can not be kicked out of school for willfully defying a teacher or others. 

乐动体育You have heard that California has fruits and nuts, well in California we send them to Washington D.C., Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein and why does her husband get lots of government contracts, and don't forget Kamala Harris. The country would be better off, if they were out of office. When will the people of California stand up and throw the Democrats out of office.

For those who don't understand climate change, it's winter, spring, summer and Fall, and God takes care of the rest.

Ken Cartwright


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