乐动体育Listening to Presidential candidate promises, what IS the COST of a Democrat majority in D.C.? Traveling to CBO, Urban Institute and University sites, one finds the accumulated cost estimate represents $92 Trillion in government spending over a decade. That is:

乐动体育• $9.2. Trillion per year (averaged); BUT

乐动体育• $4.4 Trillion is the projected yearly tax intake by government.

Guess who gets to make up the difference in higher taxes, fewer services and potential economic impacts internationally?

Adding to an existing $12.4 Trillion debt baseline, the single year calculation Candidates offer are:

• for Single Payer/Medicare Modification ($3.2 Trillion);

• Cost of Living Increase/Benefits ($188 Billion);

乐动体育• Free College ($807 Billion);

• Paid Leave ($270 Billion);

• Federal Jobs Expansion/$15 Hr. Minimum Wage ($680 Billion);

乐动体育• Infrastructure $1 Trillion);

乐动体育• Student Debt cancellation ($1.4 Trillion);

• Medicare short-fall ($5.4 Trillion), and;

乐动体育• Medicare Private Sector loss $6 Trillion).

Current taxes must increase to an estimated 63.4 % to cover federal generosity and state mandated program losses. State taxes don’t vanish. There are insufficient Billionaires and Millionaire “tax targets” to cover promised program expenses. An 80 % Value-Added-Tax (VAT) doesn’t do it. Citizen-owned IRA-type savings, which government wants use, doesn’t cover promised program cost either.

Add in the “Green New Deal” and $9.2 Trillion/yr. rises to $18.5 Trillion/yr. (that is only a best estimate!). The $4.4 Trillion in tax intake just isn’t adequate.

One can jack these program costs around many ways and suggest offsets. That kind of math is called probability or Ponzi-scheming. I suggest untruthfulness is a better term.

乐动体育But, by all means, elect Bernie, Warren, Buttegieg or Biden. You should also look at complicit Republican incumbents and past candidates offers with equal skepticism; they swim in the same swamp. Buy into this debt load and what you get will be what you deserve for failure to understand the old saying – “there is no free lunch”. It is said that you can tell when a politician is lying, their lips are moving. The media has investigated nothing. Question everything. Be skeptical. IT’S YOUR MONEY!

Gary Smith


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